Mardi Gras concert in Debrecen

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Come and enjoy listening to the most popular works of Johann Strauss’ performed by great musicians.On 11 February, the Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra is going to create a real Viennese atmosphere in Bartók Hall by playing the most popular works of Johann Strauss, waltzes, polkas. Two popular singer-artists of Debrecen, Marianna Bódi and Zsolt Haja are going to sing some of Strauss’ songs but also, they are preparing surprises. “Cívis Dancegroup” (Cívis Táncegyüttes) is going to contribute to the liveliness of the carnival programme.

2 thoughts on “Mardi Gras concert in Debrecen

  1. Hello, i’m interested to go see the concert, i don’t know if it’s too late , but if not how can i get a ticket ??

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