Police help the needy in fighting cold

Local News Police

The police personnel of the Hajdú-Bihar County Prefecture of Police help those in need, those living alone and the homeless prevent hypothermia.The policemen who are patrolling the streets pay great attention to those who are trying to find shelter from the severe cold and anyone else who in need of assistance because of the present weather conditions. The policemen are prepared to facilitate the provision of emergency care for the homeless and other people in need. To this end, they cooperate with different authorities related to public order. The policemen on duty take immediate steps in order to ensure that the people at risk should be taken to hospital by the ambulance and they provide information about charity organizations if necessary.

Last year 16 people died because of hypothermia, this year 2 so far. The sad occurrences show that not only homeless people are in danger. Hypothermia occurs even in poorly heated private homes. The police are calling on the citizens to notify the authorities if they see anyone who is apparently in danger of hypothermia. Unfortunately, most people have prejudice against the homeless and tend to think that a person lying on the ground or a bench is undoubtedly drunk. But care and consideration are especially important in this weather in which hypothermia can occur in minutes. Please call 104 if you see someone in need of medical care.

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