Le Monde: Hatred is destroying Hungary

Local News

Joelle Stolz wrote a lengthy article about Hungary into the weekend issue of Le Monde. He described Debrecen as the “bastion” of the government.The report made by Stolz pictured the Roma community and the far-right sympathizers in Ózd and portrayed Debrecen as the “bastion” of the Hungarian government. He talked about the fact that the EU gave one month to Viktor Orbán to end his autocratic ways and that in the dynamic city of Debrecen the new, widely disputed laws don’t bother anyone.

The reporter was guided through the city by reformed bishop István Bölcskei who told him about the history of Debrecen. Stolz mentioned it in his article that during the 1848-49 war of independence, Debrecen gave shelter to nationalism, the independence of the country was declared in the city the citizens of which are still resistant of the EU’s and the IMF’s pressurization. He also wrote about the fact that due to Lajos Kósa’s policy, a lot of firms have moved to Debrecen. According to him, Hungary cares less about democracy than the quality of high education.

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