Covered by snow

Local News

Hungary has been in a fever of “cold alert” and ungodly amount of snow promised by the forecast all the week. Here it is, we’ve got it. The snow in Debrecen is 20-22 cm high, which is about only the half of the amount that we had been scared with.The authorities are calling people’s attention that all the roads are slippery and the strong wind can build snowdrifts at some places.

The city has ordered snowplows from Saturday noon, and according to the plans, the “cleaning” has different phases: phase A means the routes of public transportation with bus stops while phase B covers the mains roads. Snowplows are used when the amount of snow reaches 6 cm.

Churches, social civil institutions and the authorities are taking care of the population. Social organizations pay highlighted attention to the homeless.
The city provides hot tea and the possibility to come round into heated buildings from the street if somebody’s cold.
Charity organizations are collecting warm clothes for the needy.

Trains and intercity buses are late because of the snow all over the country.

In some settlements of the county (Hajdúnánás, Tiszagyulaháza, Újtikos, Görbeháza, Szentpéterszeg and Gáborján), the local governments have enacted a one week long extraordinary school holiday because of the snow.

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