The Mayor’s declaration of assets

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The declarations of assets by the members of parliament have been published on the official website of the Parliament in Tuesday night. Here is some public information on the financial situation of our Mayor, Lajos Kósa.

According to his declaration, Lajos Kósa is still the owner of a 300 sqm house on a 1000 sqm lot. Last year he was a shareholder of two real estates in Budakeszi, but for this year this two has become three, due to some plot conversion made by the local government of Budakeszi.

The Mayor has sold his Seat Alhambra and now rents a Mercedes Viano. He still has two motorcycles (a BMW and a Suzuki) and a Crowline motorboat.

His Swiss Franc- based loans have “run away”, but he still has some bank and private loans. His royalty as a Mayor is 550 000 HUF and he also gets payment as a Member of Parliament.

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