Lajos Kósa on local governmental issues

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Local governments have to make the calculations without being aware of some basic information about current laws. Alliance of County Towns would clarify contradictions of law – claims Lajos Kósa, mayor of Debrecen about the 2-day-long session in held Veszprém.

The three most important fields on which they have discussion: local governments, law of stability and law of finances are contradictory, that is why it is hard for local governments to make calculations and accept them till February.

The third field of interest is that institutions, mostly educational ones will belong to the state: who will support infrastructure of schools and from what resources. They would also like to know that under what conditions can institutions at this moment belonging to the state get out of this situation and what role the alliance is intending to play.

They are also discussing the discriminative situation of local televisions in contrast with the great TV companies, intending to end this situation in the same time.

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