Geothermic energy-heated hotels in Debrecen

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The construction of first geothermic energy-heated hotel in Eastern Hungary has begun in Debrecen. The investment costs a total of 447 million HUF out of which 230 million is paid by the EU.Project manager Levente Nagy explained that they had found drinking water 400-500 m deep in the Erdőspuszta area and 40-80 degrees C thermal water at 600-1400 m. The Arboretum that is going to be built soon and the medical and wellness hotels in Erdőspuszta will be connected by tubes that will carry thermal water to both complexes.
The constructors are going to dig two wells: one for the production, one for the re-injection of thermal water. In this way, they will be able to use thermal water for heating instead of using 873.000 cubic meters of natural gas, protecting the nature from 405 tons of dangerous gases per year. If all goes well, Hotel Arboretum can start operating in 2013.

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