Promising results in non-insulin-dependent diabetes research

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With the leadership of the University of Debrecen, an international research team has been carrying out researches about new drugs that might be used to treat non-insulin-dependent diabetes in adult patients. The research group consisted of 20 Hungarian and 5 foreigner researchers, 4 technician and 6 PhD students who started to work together in 2009. The full amount of the support was 425 million HUF and the university added own funds of 75 million HUF. The researches managed to indentify 6 promising compounds that facilitate the production of heat-shock proteins and in three cases the blood-sugar lowering effect was shown. Another important field of research was the synthesis of molecules triggering the block of glycogen phosphorylase enzyme. The results were made public at 18, mostly international conferences, on posters and in 6 international journals and, in addition, two patents have been filed over the last years.

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