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Read about the intensive road check, the case of the man who electrified his fence, a woman who stole money by seduction and a man who tried to steal a girl’s bag in Debrecen.Based on the experience of previous years, the simultaneous transit of Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Turkish guest workers can be expected on the Hungarian highways during the vacation period. In order to improve road safety and reduce the number and the severity of traffic accidents, the National Police Headquarters (ORFK) ordered intensive road checks for the period 14-22 January, 2012. The guest workers usually travel on Highways 4, 42, 47, 48 while passing through the county.

The unknown woman in the picture is being prosecuted for theft. On 6 November, 2011, some time between 9 pm. and 11 pm. she approached a passenger waiting for his train at the Debrecen train station and, on seeing that the man had some alcohol with him, she made him drink then started to hug him. She offered him sex but the man refused her and she went up to another passenger and started to talk to him, then she hurried away. The plaintiff didn’t realize that his wallet was missing until the other passenger gave it back to him. He discovered that the woman had taken 60.000 HUF from the wallet. If you recognize the woman in the picture, please report it in the office at 4 Budai Ézsaiás Street, Debrecen, or call 112 or 107.

The Debrecen Tribunal imposed a 2-year prison sentence on the man who electrified his fences in order to prevent children from the neighbourhood from climbing through them. He was annoyed by the neighbours’ relatives’ children whose custom was to enter his courtyard through the fence, climb up to the top of the pigsty and hurl the tiles onto the ground. Though he notified the neighbours about the electrified fences, two 7-year old children tried to climb them in 2009 and their hands were burnt. The court took the numerous extenuating circumstances into account before imposing the sentence.

On 11 January, 2012, at around 5 pm. a young woman was walking on Múzeum Street, Debrecen when an unknown person grabbed her from behind and tried to take her bag. As she was holding on to her bag, they started to scuffle and the perpetrator pushed her to the ground, injuring her lightly. The by-passers noticed what was happening and ran to help the girl, upon which the perpetrator escaped towards Kossuth Square. If you recognize the person in the picture, please notify the police in the office at 4 Budai Ézsaiás Street, Debrecen, or call 112 or 107.

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