Spying scandal: pre-trial detention extended

Local News Police

According to information from Magyar Nemzet, the pre-trial detention of two men involved in the spying scandal of the Secret Service operating under the reign of Gyurcsany’s government has been extended until the substantive completion of the prosecution.

The Court of Debrecen can start the trial of this highlighted case only in the middle of March. Lajos Galambos, former  Director General of the National Security Office and László Püski, owner of the security company involved in the spying scandal were arrested in June 2011. They are facing the charge of endangering the state.

As Ildikó Figula, speaker of the Court of Debrecen informed, the warrant is not legally binding yet because of the appeals, but it will be effective until the verdict of the trial.

The Military Prosecution of Budapest brought a charge in the spying case of the Secret Service of Gyurcsany’s Government in early December. Besides Püski and Galambos, Sándor Laborc, the office successor of the Director General and György Szilvásy, former Minister of Secret are also accused but they can justify themselves on the loose.

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