New Courses on Hungarian Language at Debrecen Summer School

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To some extent following the lead of its Budapest branch, Debrecen Summer School has scheduled new courses for practically every month of 2012. Designed to cater to the needs of professionals based in Debrecen and in neighboring towns, these courses will complement the more traditional spring, summer and winter courses.
Launched at one of seven distinct levels each, the one-week “super-intensive courses” will
offer 50 classes with the main focus on language instruction. Efforts will be made to run these courses as efficiently as possible. The two-week “super-intensive plus courses” in January and May will remain on schedule to provide 80 class units of language instruction and the program will also include a daytrip as well as film screenings, folk-dance sessions and other cultural events. Foreign citizens coming to study or work in Debrecen in ever increasing numbers will also benefit from the spring and fall “semester courses.” Those who cannot join regular groups and would rather pursue Hungarian studies at their own pace might want to choose private tutoring, an entirely flexible format which is readily available all year round.

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