Lajos Kossuth commemoration in Debrecen

Local News

Lajos Kossuth came to Debrecen 163 years ago. The members of the Debreceni Kossuth Társaság (“Debrecen Kossuth Society”) together with primary school pupils commemorated the occasion in Miklós Street last Sunday.

The so called Miklós gate used to be in the intersection of Erzsébet Street and Miklós Street. Lajos Kossuth made his way through this gate when he came to Debrecen on 7 January, 1849 on the occasion of the parliament’s transfer from Pest to Debrecen. That day, the gatekeeper wrote into his diary that the Moses of the Hungarians had arrived. The members of the Debreceni Kossuth Társaság and the pupils and teachers of the DE Kossuth Lajos Gyakorló Átlalános Iskolája.

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