White Angel reopens

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The notary forbade partying in White Angel last September. On 30 December, they received permission to reopen which they did on which they did on New Year’s Eve. Last year, the operator of White Angel asked permission to double the capacity of the place to 800 people twice. The requests were denied but partying continued even without permission until the notary had the place closed temporarily last September. In October, the operator asked for permission again to hold parties with double capacity in White Angel on Saturdays. They had made conversions in order to comply with the regulations fully so, following the inspections, the notary gave the permission to reopen the disco on the 30 December. But instead of 800, maximum, 794 people (staff included) can stay in White Angel at the same time.
Right after the permission was given, a huge party was held in White Angel on New Year’s Eve. On the Facebook page of the disco this is what’s written: “Thanks for the great party and Happy New Year to every White Angel Fan. We’re expecting you next Saturday, too.”

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