Debrecen University team of law students finishes second at moot court competition

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With the support of the South-African Regional Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the University of Pretoria in South-Africa organized the World Human Rights Moot Court Competition for the 3rd time in December, 2011.

In the qualifying round, the participating university teams had to explain the points of view of both the plaintiff and the defendant in a pre-specified, complex case to a fictitious court orally and in writing. 15 teams (3 from each UN region) qualified for the world final organized in Pretoria. There, the teams had to reason with each other once as plaintiffs, another time as defendants and they also had to answer the questions coming continuously from a group of 5 human rights experts. Like in the previous years, the Debrecen team of the Faculty of Law qualified for the final and finished 2nd place in the Eastern-European UN region final. There are only 2 universities in the world who managed to make it into all the finals: the Swedish University of Lucern and the University of Debrecen.



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