Bomb alert in court buildings

Local News Police

Today at 10.10 am, the person on duty at the Debrecen City Fire Department notified the police that they had received a phone call announcing the impending explosion of bomb.

The voice on the phone said that bombs were going to explode in the buildings of the Debrecen City Court, the Hajdú-Bihar County Court and the Debrecen Court of Appeal. Following this announcement, 6 policemen and a bomb search dog started to look for the bombs. The buildings involved were evacuated.
75 people had to leave the Debrecen City Court – there weren’t any ongoing trials at that time. 130 people left the County Court temporarily – 1 trial was interrupted. 180 people were told to leave the Court of Appeal and 8 trials were affected by the bomb alert.
The search ended at 11.50. The policemen didn’t find any bombs or bomb-like objects. The police started criminal proceedings against an unknown perpetrator.

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