Madam of Chongqing executed

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The woman forced hundreds of girls into prostitution over the last fifteen years. Many of the victims went insane and at least seven of them died.

The execution of Wang Ziji, also known as the “Godmother” was a relief for hundreds of young girls living in Chongqing, Debrecen’s twin city in China. Often using force, she employed hundreds of young women as prostitutes in the back rooms of a tea house for one and a half decades. The “Godmother” and her sister Wang Wanning selected young job seekers, inveigled them to beauty salons and hotels and took them to the tea house by force.
The court heard more than 300 victims. The girls said that they had been beaten regularly, had been kept in dark cells without food and water for days, their ID cards and earnings had been confiscated. Many of the young women went insane and seven of them lost their lives under mysterious circumstances. Some of the girls tried to escape. One of them jumped out of the window from the 8th floor of the tea house. She survived but was paralyzed for life. She and the rest of the girls were rescued by the police in 2009.
The capture of Wang and the elimination of the brothel are outstanding events in the city’s history. In 2009-2010, the authorities of Chongqing were on a campaign against crime which was launched by Bo Xilaj, member of the city’s party committee. The 25 thousand participating policemen caught 3000 criminals, including the infamous Xie Caiping who ran underground casinos illegally. Due to the campaign Bo Xilaj earned a nation-wide reputation and made it to TIME’s list of the 100 most influential people last year.
Source: MTI

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