Costs of living to increase in Debrecen

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From next year on, public transportation, chimney sweeping, funerals, parking will all be more expensive. To mention only a few things.

According to the decision the city council made on 24 November, the general costs of living will increase in Debrecen from 2012. Parking fees will go up. In the city center, one hour of parking will cost 420 HUF, instead of the current 380 HUF. In the deep-level garages, however, parking fees won’t increase. The city council decided so because they intend to encourage drivers to use the parking garages.

Public transportation will also be more expensive. At present, a ticket costs 270 HUF but next year it will cost 290 HUF (370 HUF instead of 350 HUF, if bought on the vehicles). Students have to pay 3300 HUF for passes but from 2012, they will pay 3500 HUF.

The Debrecen Vízm? Zrt. is going to introduce a basic fee for the water and the wastewater service in January which means an extra cost of 100 HUF in each ceases. Funeral service and chimney sweeping will also be more expensive. The prices increase by 3.9%.

According to the opposition party, Fidesz planned the budget for this year poorly since they need to face revenue losses of about 4 billion HUF this year. Deputy Mayor Zoltán Pajna said that the city managements were going according to the plans and that they would do everything in order to operate the institutions safely.

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