Primus Capital invests in medicine research

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Primus Capital has bought a business share at BBS Nanothechnológia Kft. Based in Debrecen, the Kft. (Ltd.) has developed a new, nanotechnology-based active ingredient formulation process, a breakthrough in the field of oncology. Chronic tumor diseases can be treated with this new technology.

The new procedure developed by the Ltd. makes the targeted use of contrast media and chemotherapeutic

agents possible. This improves tumor diagnosis, increases the effect of drugs, and reduces unwanted side effects; moreover, tumors can be destroyed more easily.

The development of targeted chemotherapeutic agents is a major challenge for oncologists since the effect of many of the drugs and contrast media is non-specific so they must be applied in large doses, therefore the treatments often involve serious side effects. There is still a high demand for new, more effective derivatives that can be applied with safety.
Source: MTI

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