Foreign student dies tragically in Debrecen

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The Iranian -Canadian dentistry student died of carbon monoxide poisoning in the flat he was renting on 27 November.

MTI reported the sad occurrence on 6 December, Tuesday evening. The fellow university students of the deceased 5th year student,Sadra Sadighi, formed a group on Facebook and organized a commemoration in the Life Science Building on 1 December.
They organized a collection, too, in order to contribute to the costs of bringing the body home. The 3 December online issue of the Canadian The Gazette reported the death of the 29-year old student in an obituary. MTI tried to contact the spokeswoman of the Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters in connection with the case but couldn’t reach her until the evening.
The police reported the case only after MTI did. Éva Kelemen spokeswoman said that the owner of the flat found the body at night. The autopsy that took place on the following day revealed that the Iranian-born Canadian student died of carbon monoxide poisoning. A judicial building expert checked the boiler in the bathroom and found that it hadn’t been maintained properly. The amount of carbon monoxide it emitted exceeded the acceptable degree significantly.
The police notified the Canadian Embassy and the Immigration Office. The circumstances of the death are being examined by the police with the assistance of experts. They will make decisions in connection with the case based on the opinion of the experts.

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  1. Family and friends of Dr. Sadra Sadhigi, here in his home town of Montreal, Quebec, Canada are now waiting to hear from the Debrecen Police Department of Criminal Investigation to find out who must be held responsible for this tragic, unnecessary loss of a young promising life. He leaves to mourn, his parents, his sister, his fiance and many close relatives and very good friends. How difficult can it be to pass a law, making it mandatory to install Carbon Monoxide Detectors in all buildings using gas or other hazardous fuel products , for heating purposes!! We cannot rest until the guilty party or parties are brought to justice. We will never forget this. I am the grandmother of Dr. Sadhigi’s fiancee, and it breaks my heart to see how my grand-daughter’s dreams have been shattered – how Sadra’s parents and sister are suffering.. their world has fallen apart…. he was their only son.

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