Bocskai brigade sends Santa to children

Local News

Over 650 people visited the Santa Claus ceremony organized by the Bocskai István Brigade.

More than 200 children were waiting for the white bearded gift dealer in the Titanic playhouse. The children could have fun in the huge playhouse for 2 hours. After sliding, jumping and running about, the excited children encircled Santa and Krampus. Some of them even told poems in exchange for a package. One of them was the 5-year old Erik who overcame his timidity and said an 8-stanza poem without a mistake to make Santa happy. Erik said he had seen many Santas that day but he was sure they were only “helpers” of the real one and he was convinced he had said the poem to the real one because that one was very kind (he even shook hands with Erik when handing over the gifts) and he had a big belly, too.

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