Debrecen Award for Molecular Medicine

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The Medical and Health Science Center of the University of Debrecen has announced an international annual prize in molecular medicine “Debrecen Award for Molecular Medicine” offered to encourage and recognize extraordinary and sustained contributions to biomedical research.

This prestigious award is awarded each fall to a scientist or group, whose work has lead to significant advances in the fields of molecular medicine with demonstrated benefits applied to improved patient care. The annual award is 10,000 Euro. The nominations are evaluated by a twelve member nomination committee comprised of preeminent medical scholars, physicians, professors and biomedical researchers.
This year, the award was won by the leader of Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research (London), Sir Salvador Moncada. He was the first to detect that living cells extricate nitrogene-monoxide. As a result of further researches based on this detection, notrogene-monoxide is one of the most important element in controlling blood pressure.

The award was handled by Dr. György Paragh, president of the Medicine Center.
In the award ceremony the professor held an inaguruatial lecture with the title "Finding the mechanism that coordinates metabolic supply with cell proliferation".
(Source:, MTI; Photo: MTI)

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