Jobbik against the new plaza

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The Jobbik party takes the opposition role seriously. They pay attention to all transactions of the local government, they denunciate, investigate, ask awkward questions and sue.

The party has two highlighted cases on the table. One of them is the authorization of the planned third plaza on the corner of Hunyadi and Péterfia Streets (right between the „Old” Plaza and Fórum). They disapprove the plans of the new building, as it brings down the olda, classic city-scape. Additionally, they do not understand how the building of a plaza is even possible when the State Parliament has decided to order a „plaza stop” (which means that no shopping centres with the area larger than 100 sqm are allowed to be built).
The other case include the conditions of the privatization of the train repairing plant. The plant was transformed into an Ltd. and remained in the ownership of the railway company (MÁV). Wagons have been sold among strange circumstances.

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