Smog alert lifted in Debrecen

Local News

The smog alert was lifted in Debrecen on Thursday. Neither the alarm, nor the notification stage is in effect anymore.

The quality of the air in Debrecen has improved in the last few days, the dust content in the air was permanently below the threshold. According to the latest data disclosed by the National Institute of Environmental Health (OKI) on Thursday, the air is no longer dangerous anywhere in the country; there are no red areas on the map prepared by the Institute. The air in thirteen settlements, however, is still unhealthy. These settlements (Debrecen among them) are marked by orange colour.
The weather forecast says that dry, cold air is flowing into the Carpathian Basin. On Thursday, the wind will get strong in the Eastern part; in other areas it will stay moderate. The air will be cool, with 7-13 Celsius degrees as maximum.

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