Recent news: Bomb threat in the High Court

Local News Police

This morning is an eventful morning: according to the 8:27 police report, at 8:20 they got a call about 3 bombs in the building of the High Court in Széchenyi Street.

The caller said that there are two bombs in the underground garage and a third one at another place. He also added that the bomb-seeking dogs would not find the bombs that would explode at 11 o’clock.
The police has emptied the building and started the search.
Széchenyi Street is also under closure, at least the section between Piac and Nyugati Street. The routes of buses (No. 10/10A/10Y, 32, 34, 35/35Y, 36, 42/42Y, 45, 25/25Y, and 41/41Y) and trolleys (No. 3/3A and 4) that would go on Széchenyi Street are shifted to the neighbouring streets.
The resemblance between this case and the bomb threat on 12 October is uncanny: the High Court and the morning call is a common element.

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