Hortobágy National Park renovations planned

Local News

The Conservation and Biology Conference held at the University of Debrecen last weekend focused on the topic of habitat reconstruction and also on how to find the balance between conservation and the usage of the natural resources.

Renovations are in order in Hortobágy National Park. They are planning to modernize the Gores bird shelter, expand the marsh area on Fekete-rét (“Black Meadow”) and eliminate the trench system that was dug in the 1950’s. These projects would be financed by EU and state funds. József Ángyán (Ministry of Rural Development) said: “We will support those management systems that are adapted to the land, those that were formed by traditional knowledge and work with the indigenous species, animals and plants.” Restructuring the aid scheme was another topic that was discussed at the conference. More than 350 experts participated in the discourse about the current issues and the future of conservation.

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