Police news from the long weekend

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Read about some of the events that required police action during the long weekend.

On Saturday night, a man was attacked on Piac Street. At around 4 am., auxiliary police officers on duty saw a man fleeing from his pursuers screaming. They ran towards him, upon which his attackers escaped. The man had serious injuries on his head and he fainted when the officers reached him. The officers called the ambulance and the police immediately. With the assistance of witnesses, one of the attackers was caught soon near the scene.
On Monday morning, a traffic accident happened near Kassai Road. A Fiat and a Ford were going on Rakovszky Dániel Street when the driver of the Fiat stepped on the break suddenly and the Ford hit the car from behind. A woman travelling in the Fiat was taken to hospital with minor injuries.
The police took measures against a 19 year old man who committed violence against an official person on Monday morning. The young man was parking illegally in Arany János Street because of which a public space inspector wanted to take action against him but he got into his car and wanted to leave the spot. The inspector stepped in front of the car and the driver started to drive his car slowly, pushing the inspector backwards who finally got out of the way and the young man escaped. The police caught him soon and he admitted that he had committed the things written above.
On Tuesday morning, a Suzuki was stolen from the dirt road near the Public Cemetery. The value of the stolen property is 1.500.000 HUF. Two more cars, another Suzuki and a Lada were lifted in Debrecen during the long weekend.

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