Debrecen doctors to go to help in Bangkok

Local News University

The swollen rivers will flood the Thai capital in a few days. The members of the Special Medical and Rescue Team of the University of Debrecen (DEKOM) are going to travel to Bangkok this Saturday.

People flee in panic from Bangkok after the authorities warned that the swollen rivers would flood the Thai capital in a few days. The authorities ordered the mandatory evacuation of the inhabitants of 19 districts. The DEKOM members are going to travel to Bangkok on Saturday to help those in trouble. Together with the rescue units sent by the Thai government, they would like to reach those areas where no or very only few health care personnel, doctors and rescue personnel could be sent. They would like to give assistance in setting up a temporary health care system and provide medical attendance to as many people as possible. The doctors are going to take medical and diagnostic equipment, medicine and medical devices and some satellite communication equipment worth about 30 million HUF.

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