Expansion of pathology building

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The Pathology building has been united with the Institute of Forensic Medicine, now they form one block in the the Medicine Center of the University of Debrecen. With the help of the investment of more than 600 million HUF, histological, cytological and molecular examinations are to become more effective.

These institutions had been ot different parts of the Clinic area, but with the expansion, they have got together in one complex.The administration, transportation and handling of the deceased have become more discrete. A new, digital system of freezers has been constructed, with 60 places.
In the Institute of Forensic Medicine, modern laboratories and and offices have been created. As a part of the expansion, the building has been renovated, new elevators have been built, and the building technology and the pipeline system have also been reconstructed.
As Prof. Dr. György Paragh, presidentof the Medicine Center said, they hope to finish the whole project (with working instruments and gauges) for the beginning of next year.

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