Good news for cancer patients

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The municipality of Debrecen, the university, the Institute of Nuclear Research and a Czech company of professional experience have signed a cooperation agreement in connection with establishing a proton therapy center in Debrecen.

The proton therapy treatment has fewer side effects and is more effective than other current methods. The construction and the installation would cost 30 billion HUF. There are 3 such centers in Europe; one of them is being built in Prague. Debrecen would follow the Czech model in constructing the center. The apparatus provides effective treatment for various tumoral diseases, primarily malignant eye diseases and children’s tumors. “The proton radiation is highly accurate. Since the biggest possible radiation dose goes to a minimum sized area, it doesn’t have any side effects and doesn’t damage the healthy tissue.”- said Vaclav Lastovka, managing director of Proton Therapy Provider.
The proton therapy center will be established in Debrecen. The operation of the institution demands dozens of engineers, doctors and atom scientists. Lajos Kósa said that Debrecen had the needed professional background. He added that this one center would treat not only Hungarian patients but also those from the neighbouring countries. Preliminary estimates indicate that the installation would cost more than 30 billion HUF. National, EU and private funds would be involved in financing the project. The center can be built in 3 years, if money matters turn out well.

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