World Animal Day in Debrecen Zoo

Local News

All this week, the Great Forest Cultural Park is organizing interesting and spectacular programs on the occasion of this day. On Tuesday the youngest inhabitants of the zoo were introduced to visitors.

Preschool children could guess the age of the one-month old Árnyék (“Shadow”), the North-Chinese leopard cub at arm’s length. He is rarely taken out of his cage because his mother gets very nervous about him. The North-Chinese leopard is a rare and endangered species; only 36 of them are kept in the European zoos. Visitors can take a closer look at these kinds of animals on the World Animal Day.
“It’s important for people to see how beautiful animals are and what a loss it is when a species disappears permanently from its habitat”- zoo-pedagogue Gabriella Kiss explained. The director of the Cultural Park added: “Today’s man has moved away from nature and this is a very good opportunity to return to it or learn about its values.”
In the second half of the week, public feeding of the animals is in order. On Friday, play house and different demonstrations will entertain children in the zoo. On Saturday and Sunday at 10 guided tours are going to be held there.

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