Twin babies lose mother-help them!

Local News

On 15 September, a 25-year old mother died while giving birth to her twins in Kenézy Hospital. We can’t comfort the tiny Zalán and Milán but we can give them some help.

Anett Feketéné Kustor was only 25 years old. She couldn’t even hug her babies. Not only was a young life lost but also the family’s prospects of a happy life. The circumstances of the tragedy are being investigated right now. Meanwhile we can do something for the babies and their devastated father who will take the little ones home next week. Who will stay at home with them is still uncertain. The municipality of Létavértes opened an account for helping the small family.
OTP Bank "Fekete Milán és Zalán Zalán támogatására, Feketéné Kustor Anett emlékére" (“For supporting Milán and Zalán Fekete and in memoriam Anett Feketéné Kustor.”)

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