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The Criminal Department of Police Office in Debrecen is investigating in the case of robbery committed by unknown perpetrator.

The nigh duty of the police got a report from Kenézy Hospital that they had attended a 25-year old man with nasal bone fracture.
During his hearing the man told that on 16 September around 1:30 AM, he and his girlfriend left from Ibolya pub to Kikötő. On the sidewalk in front of Simonyi Street 30/C two young, brown-skinned guy came and with the pretense of asking what the time was, the guy was punched in the nose and the perpetrators took his cellphone, then ran away.
The acting perpetrator is around 20, about 170 cm tall, brown-skinned and dar-haired with no special earmark. His mate (who did not act but saw all the events and fled with him) is around 18, about 180 cm tall, thin and brown-skinned.
The police has drawn a phantom picture of the hitting perpetrator. If you saw this guy, please contatct the police by phone (06-52-516-400 / 22-92) or personally at Budai Ézsaiás Street 4.

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