The Nyíl Street cutter killer admits himself schizophrenic

Local News Police

As Zsolt R., the cutter killer of Nyíl Street in Debrecen states, he has killed the 66-year old man because he is schizophrenic. He has not admitted another murder, that of an old woman, however the police suppose that it was also committed by him.

As the 34-year old man earlier admitted to the police, he slew the old man, stabbed the old lady to death, then chopped her body up and threw the parts in dustbins throughout the city, so these will probably never be found. According to the lawyers, this fact makes the proof very difficult.
The litigation starts next week. He admitted the murder to be allowed to see his mother. As he says, his life has been off the rails because of his schizophrenia. From the jail, he only gets in touch with his mother – as he says, he can draw strength from these meetings.

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