Financial statement accepted

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More than one and a half hours of debate, Hajdú-Bihar County Council accepted the financial statement of the first half year. The franctions of the opposition said that the forecasts had been inaccurate and unsure.

The revenue of the county council was 3 462 million forints, while the expenditures 3 685 million forints. The income was 40.1% of the forecast, while the expenditures 42.7%. Tamas Csige, leader of the Socialist fraction said that difference of some tenth of percentage means more hundred million forints.
The Jobbik fraction also criticised the financial statement. Their leader, Zoltán Pálfi said that the planned revenues underachieved the actual results.

As Sándor Bodó, president of the council declared, the transfer of wages is up-to-date, there are no expired bills, so according to the economic conditions, the situation of the county council is stable.

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