A day for our hearts

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On 25 September, a whole day is dedicated to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Interests are awaited in the Fórum and in Csapó Street.

The organizers would like to call people’s attention to the importance of healthy life-style, regular moving, proper treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes, quitting smoking, etc. Cardiovascular problems are common among Hungarian people: according to the statistics, more than half of the deceased die because of some disease in connection with the cardiovascular system.

During the day, visitors can consult cardiologists, take part in different screening tests for free, learn resuscitation or choose from many programmes, eg. belly dance, yoga, fencing, zumba, eskrima, wing-tsun kungfu, ju-jitsu, ninjutsu and aerobic shows, raffle drawing, children’s programmes, etc.
This day will see the F

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