Lajos Kósa, Mayor of Debrecen in WikiLeaks

Local News

As Jeffrey Levine, former Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassay wrote in a telegram, Lajos Kósa is praised by international investors, and he is a corrupt autocrat as the Mayor of Debrecen, capital of Fidesz.

The report quotes Kósa’s former Vice-Mayor, Gábor Turi, who said that all control is in the hands of an exclusive inner circle, of which Lajos Kósa is the sole leader, acting as a landlord. Turi also added that under the surface, people are dissatisfied with him, and that from ”Mr. 10 percent” he has become ”Mr. 20 percent”.
The confidential telegram also mentions the 100 million forints investment of TEVA, the Israelite pharmaceutical company, which was enthusiastically supported by Lajos Kósa.
The report also deals with the strengthening of the Jobbik party, the Calvinist features of Debrecen, the renovated Downtown and tramline, and also the new stores, that prove the dynamism of the Mayor, who is opened and willingful towards investors.

(Information: Népszava)

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