Binge drinking and drug abuse among Debrecen youths

Local News

More and more young people turn to drugs. A recent survey shows that even children of 10-12 use stimulants. The police seize increasing amounts of drugs year by year but there is no solution to the problem that legal drugs such as sedatives pose.

The police say that marihuana remains the most popular drug and that they are powerless against a lot of other kinds of substances because they are legal. In addition to taking drugs, binge drinking is becoming more and more extensive. While two years ago 380 young people were treated because of related problems at a Debrecen hospital, last year almost 500. The majority of the patients are 20-24 year-old men but one-fifth is young women between 15 and 19 years of age.
What is even more stunning is that even 10-12 year-old children use stimulants. According to a survey, they drink energy drinks instead of soft drinks. “Now they start consuming these things at an earlier age and more and more young people drink energy drinks all day long. For this reason, many young ones experience negative physiological changes.” – András Berényi, chairman of the “Debreceni Kábítószerügyi Egyeztető Fórum” explained.

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