Free internet on InterCities

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From 2 September the Hungarian railway company and one of the biggest telecommunication company of Hungary ensure free internet service on ten third-generation InterCity trains.

Those trains travel between Budapest-Keleti, Miskolc, Nyíregyháza, Debrecen and Budapest-Nyugati on the lines of Délibáb InterCity, Borsod InterCity, Kócsag InterCity and Sajó InterCity.
The internet service is free for passengers, they only need a device that supports wireless connection (for example a notebook, a PDA or a smartphone).The trains are provided with a 230 V AC power outlet, so charging of the devices is also possible. The maximum bandwidth is 7.2 mbps, that is divided between the connected users. This is enough for mailing and reading web pages.

The two companies declared their intention to ensure internet service on more intercity trains and to expand the bandwidth and amount of data available for the passengers.

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