No parties in White Angel

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After its summer break, White Angel is re-opening in the Downtown.

As we wrote in July, the operators of the club intended to expand the capacity of 400 to its double, but the notary denied the permission, what’s more, they had even reduced it to 394.
For now, the reconstruction works of the club have been finished so the operators tried again to request a permission to hold music-dance programs for 800 people, though the notary rejected it again based on the report of the fire department. They insist that the evacuating of the two-storey building can be done safely with only 394 people inside.
The notary declared that in White Angel, parties cannot be organized at all until the operators do not ask and get the permission for music-dance programs with 394 people’s capacity. If they hold parties in spite of the restriction, the police can be involved in the dissolution and the authorities can even close the place for an indefinite time.

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