Successful series of programs by the Community Center of Debrecen

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With the help of a successful EU competition, the Community Center of Debrecen (DMK) organized programs for more children than ever in the last school year. These programs were full of experience, and included trips, camps, personality development, etc.

More than 8800 children from 5 educational institutions of Debrecen took part in more than 100 different programs. The project was from 1 July 2010 to 31 August 2011and the EU subsidy was as much as 50 million HUF.
There were 9 monthly and 11 weekly programs that included music pedagogy, astronomy, handicrafts, environmental protection, dramapedagogy, etc. They also held 13 thematic days where children could get acquainted with choral works, healthy lifestyle, the world of birds, musical instruments and poetry, and the history and traditions of our county and the 650-year old Debrecen. There were competitions on drawing and history of literature, music and Debrecen. Camps were organized in Szögliget, and there were trips to the Hortobágy „Puszta”.
About 120 professional teachers, artists and pedagogues transacted these events.
The Community Center plans to continue the most successful and popular elements of this series of programs.

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