Roma killings mark Perényi 1 Music Club

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Perényi 1 Music Club made infamous by the suspects of the Roma killings is in danger of closing down.

The three suspects Árpád Kiss, Iván Kiss and Zsolt Pető worked in the club. The Prosecutor’s Office in Pest County claims that the defendants planned the attacks against Roma people there. After assaulting Romas for the seventh time and killing four people, they involved a fourth person, István Csontos in their plans. Formerly, he was a soldier in the Hungarian defense forces and after he joined the other three suspects he became a casual employee in the club. After the suspects had been identified, detectives started to tail them in the club. On 21 August, 2011 about 150 policemen raided the club and caught the suspects, preventing them from carrying out their attack on their target, a Roma family living in Ipolytarnóc. The suspects assaulted Roma people in 11 settlements and killed 6 people. In Tatárszentgyörgy, they shot a 27-year old man and his 5-year old son dead while fleeing from their house they had set on fire.
Because of the series of murders the club became marked and is virtually bankrupt now. On 1 July, a new owner took over the place and is planning to renew the club by painting the walls and installing new sound and lighting equipment. But if the guests will still keep away, the club will close down at the end of the year.

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