Flowers’ Week

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Flowers’ Week starts today! There are programmes every day, and the “peak” is 20th August, the day of the Flower Parade!
We publish the daily programmes every day.

Today (15 August, Monday):
16:00 War of flowers – 3rd Flower arrangement competition
16:00 Clean Yard – Tidy House – Award Ceremony

All the week:
4-21 August Csapó street pedestrian zone (16:00-22:00):
Little Rio – Latin-American atmosphere in the street – Coctails, zumba, hairdressing, belly dancers, DJ, salsa, capoeira, dance groups, jugglers, mixers
15-21 August, Kölcsey Centre (8:00-19:00): Flowers in pictures – Photo exhibition
15-21 August, Kölcsey Centre: Cactus exhibition and fair
15-21 August, Piac Street: Carnival Shop Window 2011

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