Debrecen Summer School is over

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Younger or older students from more than 30 countries studied the Hungarian language for a month in the Debrecen Summer School.

Besides language courses, the participants could attend a course on Modern Age Hungarian History and Culture or Dramapedagogy.
The 180 participants attended many cultural, gastronomy and tourist programs, they learnt Hungarian folk songs and dances, cooking Hungarian foods, and took part in competitions on these.
Many of the students have come to learn Hungarian because their parents or other ancestors were Hungarians.
As Péter Szaffkó told, they were lucky to cooperate with companies of Debrecen who offered fellowships for Summer School students.
This course has ended but life goes on: after a week’s break, the end-summer language course starts, and more than 200 future medicine students start their special preparatory language course.

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