Debrecen is paying its installments properly

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According to the report of the local governmnet of Debrecen, the city spends 10% of its profits for paying the installments of the Swiss Franc based loans. Despite the strengthening of the Swiss currency, Debrecen can pay according to the scansion filed in the contracts.

The self government of Debrecen has 23.5 billion forints’ debt, and 17.8 billion of it is Swiss based loan. The expiration of the last loan is the end of 2022. In the case of the city, the installment are a little different from that of a personal loan: the city has to pay once in every quarters on the daily rate of payout, and compensations are made at the end of the calendar years. The next installment of Debrecen is on 30 September, so the amount cannot be predicted right now. As the local government declared, everything is OK with the installments, Debrecen has not needed any debt rescheduling yet.

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