About 40 000 visitors are expected to the Farmer Expo

Local News

This is the 20th time that Farmer Expo is organized in Debrecen between 18-21 August. The 300 exhibitors are waiting for about 40 000 visitors. The „guest stars” of the expo will be the highest horses in world.

As the head organizer László Vaszkó told, the main aim of Farmer Expo is to create the connection between the producers, animal breeders, agriculture organizations and investors.

This year’s programmes include animal husbandry exhibition, cow, sheep and pig species exhibition, exhibitions for vegetable and fruit producers and hunters’ show.

Visitors also can talk to the representatives of Agricultural and Rural Development Agency.

The „guest star” of Farmer Expo will be the shire horse which is very popular in England but rare in Hungary. This cold-blooded horse weighs more than a ton, and its withers is almost 2 meters. In the Expo, 2 of them will be introduced.

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