Good ol’ yellow trams

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5 August was the 50th anniversary of the production of FVV trams. No. 492 yellow tram of Debrecen celebrated it by going on a „goodbye-turn” – in the future, it will run as a special vintage vehicle in Budapest.

The first run of no. 492 yellow tram was in 1964. After 19 years of running, it came to Debrecen in 1984.
These FVV models had been produced from 1963 and were used in Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged and Miskolc. Debrecen soon became the main countryside maintenance centre, and from 1968, vehicles had even been produced in our city: 72 vehicles had been constructed until 1978. Most of them were 10-door models, but some 5- or 6-door ones were made, too.
6 of this FVV model are used even today – but only until the No. 2 tramline is not ready; the newly bought streetcars will replace these good ol’ yellow ones.

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