Full house in indoor baths

Local News

While open-air baths have little turnover, indoor baths are full with bathers.

Aqua Palace in Hajdúszoboszló has already surpassed last year’s entire annual turnover: 180 thousand bathers visited the place this so far. “There is a full house almost every day as fewer people go to the open air baths because of the bad weather. 1500-2000 people visit us every day.” – Melinda Csiszár, director of Aqua Palace explained.
The open-air bath in Nagyerdő is also empty. This year, only a few days were profitable for the company that operates the bath and those days don’t compensate for the revenue loss. The prospects aren’t very encouraging either: until the weekend the weather will be sunny with 25-30 degrees but on Monday the weather will get cool again.

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