Schooling: heavy burden for families

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August is the month to prepare for the school year starting in September. The purchase of school equipment and textbooks puts the families in expenses of many thousands forints.

More and more families are looking around stationeries and stationary departments of hypermarkets. There are sales almost everywhere, as most parents are forced to look for the cheapest things. Depending on the age of a child, preparing for the school year can cost 30-50,000 forints. Textbooks, exercisebooks, schoolbags, pencil cases, clothing and other equipment that teachers demand are not cheap – according to the sellers, they are 5% more expensive than in last year.

Employers have a possibility to help the families of their employees: companies can give schooling support to parents having school-age children. Though this support is taxable for the companies, some manager finds it important to help this way. The maximum amount of schooling support is 23400 forint this year.


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