Debrecen Airfest called off because of Turkish withdrawal

Local News

Because the main stars cancelled their participation, the two-day Debrecen Airfest will not be held. Debrecen, however, won’t be left without any spectacle: hot-air balloons will fill the sky above the city.

Interested ones awaited the appearance of famous Hungarian pilots such as Péter Besenyei and foreign teams like the Turkish Stars, the Baltic Bees, the We Fly Team, the Pioneer Team or the Breitling Wingwalkers. Solo and formation flights, demonstrations, aerobatics and parachute-jumping competition were also part of the programme of the large-scale festival that was planned to be held on 13, 14 August. But when the ace, the Turkish Stars announced its withdrawal abruptly, the main sponsor also drew back. This forced the organizers to cancel the whole event.
Instead of the fighters, hot-air balloons will cover the Debrecen sky between 20-24 August, during the 11th Debrecen Cup International Hot Air Balloon Competition and the 31st Hungarian National Championship. The balloons will take off from the Great Forest stadium on 20 August and will float over Debrecen in the following few evenings.

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