Shortage of child psychiatrists

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A report made by Ombudsman Máté Szabó reveals that more and more children in Hungary struggle with learning difficulties or conduct disorder while there is a shortage of child psychiatrists.

15 professionals treat about 1200 children at the Child Psychiatry ward of Kenézy Hospital every year. Among the current circumstances they are able to perform their tasks but if the number of the patients keeps increasing, there might be problems with providing medical care.
On a national level, there is a want of specialists. In turn, their help is increasingly needed. Parents are less and less able to solve the problems of young people. Most of them realize that something is wrong with their children only when the young ones go to school.
“Every year, we are concerned with more and more children who attempt suicide or create a pessimistic atmosphere around themselves.” -György Pallás headmaster declared. Experts say that unless parents take care about their children at home, it’s a vain attempt on the part of schools and medical institutions to do their utmost to insure the wholesome development of mental health. Problems are often noticed too late.
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